Who you are matters & so does where you are going to next. See if these labels fit your situation:


Job Seeker

Career Changer


Relocated Worker


Empty Nester

NotSoDesperate Housewife

Underneath “the label”, every client has unique qualifications and priorities. Along with identifying their particular marketable attributes, there are 2 common critical considerations:

1. First Impressions Priority

Since there is rarely a second chance to make a good FIRST impression, positively positioning your self in-person, in-documents and on-line is crucial for:

  • First job
  • New training
  • New employer
  • New promotion
  • New business
  • New industry
  • Salary negotiations
  • Career management

2. The Balancing Act

How are your work and leisure lives treating you – Balanced or Burned-out? Together we consider how to better manage the demands of your job and career ambitions with lifestyle issues like physical and mental health, family, play, spirit, and community. You have your own style, we help you use it to your advantage during the inevitable stresses of career transition. Your first session will refresh.

Explore the client tabs above and imagine your own next step with the help of OCP.